CashPay Card

Fee Information

Schedule of Bank Fees

Bank fees for CashPay transactions will be charged to your account daily.

Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees
Fee Type Fee
Monthly Maintenance No fee

ATM & Purchase Transaction Fees *

ATM & Purchase Transaction Fees *
Fee Type Fee
ATM Withdrawal Domestic 1 waived per week at Bank of America ATMs
$1.50 for all others
ATM Withdrawal International $3.50
ATM Balance Inquiries 2 waived each month, $.50 thereafter
ATM Transaction Decline No fee
Signature-Based Purchase at Visa Merchants** No fee
Pinned POS Purchase No fee

Other Service Fees

Other Service Fees
Fee Type Fee
Automated Customer Service Inquiry
Live Customer Service Inquiry
International Customer Service Inquiry
4 waived each month, $.50 thereafter
1 waived each month, $1.50 for each additional call
1 waived each month, $5.00 for each additional call
PIN Changes 1 waived per year, $.50 thereafter
Emergency Cash Transfer for remaining account balance (under $20.00) 1 waived per year
Emergency Cash Transfer Domestic $15.00
Cash Access (limited to available balance only) ** No Fee
Online Funds Transfer Fee** $1.50 per transfer
Card Replacement Domestic  1 waived per year, $5.00 thereafter 
Card Replacement - Express Delivery (additional charge)  $15.00 
Card Replacement International $15.00
International Transaction Fee 2% of U.S. Dollar amount of transaction
Check Issuance Fee $5.00
Legal Process Fee $100 (or such other amount as may be set by law)

* ATM owners may impose an additional “convenience fee” or “surcharge fee” for certain ATM transactions (a sign should be posted at the ATM to indicate additional fees); however, you will not be charged any additional convenience or surcharge fees at a Bank of America ATM.

A Bank of America ATM means an ATM that prominently displays the Bank of America name and logo.

Balance inquiries may not be available at all ATMs outside the U.S.

**This feature is only available with the CashPay Visa Card.