Nevada Unemployment Insurance Debit Card

Fee Information

Schedule of Bank Fees

Bank Fees for Nevada Unemployment Insurance Debit Card transactions will be charged to your account on a daily basis as they occur.


Services with no fees
Purchase Transactions
Purchase at Merchants (signed, using PIN, online, phone, or mail purchases) No Fee
ATM Transaction*
Bank of America or Allpoint ATM Withdrawal (in the U.S.) No Fee
ATM Balance Inquiries (all ATMs) No Fee
Declined Transactions (ATMs only) No Fee
Other Services
Teller Cash Access (Available at financial institutions that accept MasterCard cards) (Limited to available balance only) No Fee
Card Replacement (in the U.S.) No Fee
Online, Automated, Live or International Customer Service Inquiry No Fee
Account Alert Service No Fee
Online Funds Transfer No Fee
Mailed Account Statement No Fee
Account Closure Check Issuance No Fee


Services with fees
ATM Transaction Fees*
Non-Bank of America or Non-Allpoint ATM Withdrawal (in the U.S.) $1.25 per transaction
ATM Withdrawal International (all ATMs outside the U.S.) $1.25 per transaction
Other Service Fees
Emergency Cash Transfer (in the U.S.)** $15.00 per transaction
Card Replacement - Express Delivery (additional charge) $12.00 per request
International Transaction Fee 2% of U.S. Dollar amount of transaction

*ATM owners may impose an additional “convenience fee” or “surcharge fee” for certain ATM transactions (a sign should be posted at the ATM to indicate additional fees); however, you will not be charged any additional convenience or surcharge fees at a Bank of America or Allpoint ATM. A Bank of America ATM means an ATM that prominently displays the Bank of America name and logo. Balance inquiries may not be available at all ATMs outside the U.S.
An ATM Transaction Decline occurs when you request an amount greater than your balance or you incorrectly enter your PIN more than four times.

**All Emergency Cash Transfers must be initiated through the Debit Card Customer Service Center.

Note: For any questions related to the above fee schedule, please call the Debit Card Customer Service Center at  (888) 339-8569, (866) 656-5913 TTY, or (423) 262-1650 (Collect, when calling outside the U.S.). For questions regarding your Unemployment Insurance claim or benefit payments, please contact the NV ESD Call Center at:

Southern Office: (702) 486-0350
Northern Office: (775) 684-0350
Toll Free: (888) 890-8211